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In order to run CM 14 you need to have installed the .NET Framework 4,0. and the Managed Version of Direct X  Download them from the Microsoft site. CM 14 works automatically with a "regular" installation of FIFA 14. If you do not have a "regular" installation try to use Open - Select All.

CM 15 Released !!!

Dear friends, at last CM 15 official release is available in the download section. I think this version is stable enough to be used also by a not expert editor. Anyway be aware that editing FIFA may corrupt your game, therefore I always recommend to backup your FIFA directory before to start editing.

Another important recommendation is to follow the technique of "small steps". Do some editing, save it and try it. If it doesn't work you always have the possibility to restore the previous files that CM 15 automatically saves with a .bak extension (for example fifa_ng_db.db.bak). Doing a lot of editing in one session may cause a crash and you don't really know why.

In addition you must be aware that, even if the modding is correct, the game could crash because of some limitations embedded in the game itself. For example the file compobj.txt used for describing the tournament in career has a limited size (about 1770 lines) and if you go over FIFA will crash. To my knowledge nobody has foung yet the a workaround for this limitation.

Nevertheless there are lots of modding to FIFA 15 that you can do and works fine. For example I have created all the leagues of South america, including Copa Libertadores and Copa Nissan.

I hopu you will enjoy CM 15.


Last Updated (Sunday, 23 November 2014 11:14)


Brazil for FIFA 15 patch in CMP format

For testing CM 15 I tried to make a patch. You know that I am not a patch maker so I did this mainly reusing stuffs from FIFA 14, original teams or "User Generated" teams. Anyway the final result is pretty good. You can install the patch for your FIFA 15 and you have immediately the team available for playing. If you want to play a career you have to add the tournament because it is not possible, at least for the moment, to put tournament informations inside a CMP patch.

The download is available in the FIFA 15 Patch section

Last Updated (Saturday, 08 November 2014 20:21)


CM 15 Beta 4 is availbale right now

We are moving forward to the official release of CM 15. You can download Beta 4 right now. I hope this will be the last beta, if we will find only minor bugs, I will fix them during this week and I'm planning to release the official version during the next week-end. Come on beta testers! I ask you a last effort.

Please look at the history chapter of the help file for a list of the bug fixed. 

Last Updated (Saturday, 08 November 2014 13:16)


CM 15 Beta 2 available

The first Beta version had more than 16.000 downloads in one week. Well done guys ! I don't think that there are many programs in the world that can rely on 16.000 beta testers so thank you for your effort. Now it's time to move to Beta 2, please open the help file and check in the history chapter for a list of all the fixed defects (or at least supposed to be fixed). During this week I will collect your feedbacks and I suppose to make another Beta version the next week end. Hopefuly Beta 3 will be the last Beta and we can finally have the official version in a couple of weeks from now. Stay tuned !


CM 15 is here

Hi guys! The first Beta of CM 15 is now available for download in the "download section". It is the very first beta version so its usage is NOT recommended if you are not an expert editor. Please use this version only if you are an expert editor and you want to help me to remove bugs and make an official release. Anyway make a back-up of your FIFA files before to start editing because a bug of CM 15 could corrupt the integrity of your game. You will find a thread for collecting feedbacks here.

Last Updated (Saturday, 25 October 2014 21:59)


CM 14.3 - Latest Edition

After a rest, here we go with another update of CM 14, very likely this will be the latest version for this year. There are some new interesting features. The most important is the possibility to use one uodate file officially released by EA Sports for updating your database. In this way you can keep your database aligned with the latest changes, this feature will update only the rosters of the teams officially released in FIFA 14 while all the other teams that you have added remain unchanged. Other changes are in the UGC menu, you can now choose to import only players from an UGC file and in Country Form.

Download it from the download section and enjoy.


CM 14.2

A new version of CM 14 is available. It includes the fixing of some bugs, mainly in the management of competitions. See the history of the help file for a full list of the changes.


Patch for adding new leagues in career mode

FIFA 14 has some limitations about the possibility to expand a career with more leagues and more Countries.

A major limitation is that, when you add a league using a new id that was not present in the original game, the game crashes when you select that league for your career.

In the FIFA 14 Patches section you can find a solution for this problem: download the patch and follow the instructions written in the “read me” file.


Last Updated (Sunday, 22 December 2013 13:42)


CM 14.1 available for download.

This is a list of the main changes in Version 14.1 compared to version 14.0

New Features

  • Added the player audio editing
  • In the Country form, added the possibility to edit the target of the national team for world cup and continental cup (saved in internationals.txt file)
  • In the Newspaper form: added the editing of the “news sponsor” logo.
  • In the Stadium Form: added the editing of police texture.
  • Added the Manager Form with the editing of manager textures

Bug Fixes

  • Crash when assigning a stadium in the competition page
  • Ball assigned to competition is not saved in the database.
  • Assigning flags to a team with id < 100000 causes in-game crash
  • Creating a team without players caused its id to be decreased of one when saved.

Last Updated (Thursday, 05 December 2013 22:25)


CM 14.0 Released

Finally... here we go! The first Release of CM 14 is available for download. Thanks to all the beta testers that contributed to the improvement of the tool.

The competition system has been tested intensively and it works, I have been able to add al the leagues of South America, modify the Copa Libertadores and add The Copa Sudamericana and everything works fine but read the "known problems" section at the end of the help file to know the limitations that are currently present. Nevertheless the editing of a new competition is quite complicate so backup your files in the compdata folder before you start playing with the competition systems!

If you have already worked with a Beta version you will find some new features: an "Open Recent" command for reopeining quickly the FIFA environment you worked with the last time, a new way for creating flags from scratch, the possibility to increase or decrease the years of contract for all the players of a team

The development is not over, for example I am working to add the possibility to modify player audio but I am still trying to figure out what is possible to do and what is not. Anyway, new CM 14 versions are still to come. In the meantime enjoy CM 14.0 and have fun !

Last Updated (Sunday, 17 November 2013 12:03)